What can you tell me that I don't already know?

"I knew what they had already diagnosed and let's see. Live and dry gives an over-all analysis of all bloods. What you pick up and confirm and what else are you going to find? Totally tired of being a pin cushion. I thought, let me try something new and see what a fresh new approach can give me."

The known was confirmed plus the prominence of the problem. I was shown by the intensity of the shape and numbers of the cells, as well as new and interesting things that were explained. This completed the picture of why and what the problem was.

Most blood tests are only done for certain things. and not as an overall, thus, not giving you a full picture of the total understanding. One of the things was that my body did not absorb medication and depending on who read the results, either saw or didn't see the problem.

This was clearly indicated live and dry blood test and also addressed with herbal medication and teas to improve the situation. I now have boundless energy and am able to cope without being tired and exhausted all the time. Also by changing my diet and being aware of the pH, my weight has also started to drop without much effort.

"Thanks Ziggy for your time and effort, as well as giving me the understanding and a new approach to stabilizing my problems"

Karen Pritchard