Every time a patient or client comes to see me for a consultion I always ask how much water they drink a day. The answers are quite interesting….. “Oh I drink at least 2 glasses of water a day”,“I don’t drink water. I only drink cool drinks, 4 litres a day and 16 cups of coffee…it's got water in it!!!!” or “ I don’t like water!” and many more excuses. Then I try to explain why water is so important… and many times, sadly, is falls upon deaf ears.

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So why is water so important to us? Believe it or not we are walking electrical beings. All metabolic processes need electricity to help cells to open up to take in nutrients and excrete metabolic wastes. The interior of the cell is positively charged and the interstitial fluids on the outside of the cells are negatively charged. Water is the conductor. Water is also needed to aid in digestion, eliminating toxic wastes via kidneys and the digestive track, maintain the body’s hydration, aid in detoxing, maintains proper muscle tone, alleviates water retention and relives headaches due to dehydration. Very importantly, your blood that carries oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body as well as carbon dioxide back to the lungs is made up of 83% water.

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Drink two to three litres of filtered water a day. 2 glasses first thing in the morning will help to activate your organs, 1 glass approximately 15 minutes before meals will aid in digestion and a large glass before bedtime will improve circulation and help prevent dehydration during sleep.

It is said that the human body is made up of between 67% and 75% water. If one looks at a water molecule, H2O, we will see that the water molecule is made up of 89% oxygen. This means our bodies are made up of between 62% and 70 % Oxygen! 90% of all our biological energy comes from Oxygen. Having to little oxygen in the body promotes anaerobic organisms like bacteria, viruses and other pathogens leading to infections and chronic diseases. Cancer itself does not survive in Oxygen rich or an alkaline environment.

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There are many different types of Oxygen therapies, the most popular and inexpensive therapies are Ozone (O3) and Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food grade (H2O2). Hydrogen Peroxide needs to be diluted with at least 180ml to 250ml of filtered water. Absorbing Oxygen can be done through various methods from Oxygenating your bath, drinking Oxygenated water, breathing in from a vaporizer or humidifier or even as a nasal spray. Both are very safe to use and readily available.Consult your Health Practionar for the best dosage and protocols.